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Discussion Post: Week 16

Well, that’s a wrap, everyone! It’s been a great semester working with all of you. I enjoyed watching the skills, experience, and confidence that you gained over the course of the semester, and the broad spectrum of ways in which you enhanced your ability to convey even the most complicated of concepts with clarity and precision.

With that said, let’s kick off this last post with the best news headline of the week: Unicorns exist!


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Discussion Post: Week 15

We’re just about done! We’re through half of Presentation IV, and after that, only the web portfolio remains. What did you think about our first few teams on Thursday? How did the presentations go, and what about the added challenge of question-and-answer sessions? What did you discover as those proposals were being delivered?

Please do not forget to send the URL and the rationale for your web portfolio via Blackboard mail no later than this Thursday. We’ve been working on this all semester, but if it’s late, I won’t even be able to grade it. Don’t let that happen — submit it early, not late.

Alright, since we’re winding down, how about we shake things up a bit this week? Let’s start with some sports news for a change.

College football’s regular season came to an end yesterday, with the Alabama Crimson Tide edging out the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship, 32-28, to win a national title shot against the undefeated Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish boast the second-stingiest defense in college football, with approximately 10.33 points allowed per game. Only Alabama itself allows fewer points per game: 10.31.

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