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Discussion Post: Week 16

Well, that’s a wrap, everyone! It’s been a great semester working with all of you. I enjoyed watching the skills, experience, and confidence that you gained over the course of the semester, and the broad spectrum of ways in which you enhanced your ability to convey even the most complicated of concepts with clarity and precision.

With that said, let’s kick off this last post with the best news headline of the week: Unicorns exist!


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Discussion Post: Week 13

We’re almost done with Presentation III. How have you adjusted to the unique challenges of presenting about yourself? Were you up to the task, or were there elements about your presentation that you’d change if you had the chance? What lessons will you take away from your presentation moving forward, both to Presentation IV and to your job interviews in the future?

Please remember that your group’s Presentation IV topic is due by the start of class on Tuesday. As long as at least one member of your team sends in your topic, you’re fine — but if multiple group members submit your topic, that’s fine, too. I don’t have any problem with receiving your topic more than once, as I’d much rather get the same topic from your group five times than not receive it at all. If there’s any doubt about whether your group’s topic has been submitted, well, you gather what the safest approach is.

Also, don’t forget that Self-Evaluation III is due at the start of class on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Break. I’m already working on getting the videos ready for you, and all of them will be posted to Blackboard no later than this Thursday, so you’ll have just as much time as always to review your presentation.

With that said, let’s get straight into the big news item of the week. As you’re surely already aware, Israel has been fighting with Palestinian forces for many years, with consistent hostility between the two groups. Last week, for instance, southern Israel was being pummeled by rockets from Hamas, the terrorist organization which controls the Gaza Strip, in addition to a few stray shells from Syria. In a major turn of events, however, Israel’s most recent air strike, dubbed Operation Pillar of Defense, was a successful assassination of Hamas’ military commander, Ahmed Jabari.

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Discussion Post: Week 12

The presidential election reached its conclusion late Tuesday night, with incumbent Barack Obama earning a second term in the Oval Office over challenger Mitt Romney. The result thrilled Obama’s supporters, who waited well past midnight to hear their candidate proclaim victory under the night sky in Chicago, reviving the inspirational rhetoric that drove voters in 2008. And it was a night of anguish for the Romney camp, with the team searching for an explanation — after all, if Romney had merely received as many votes as John McCain did in 2008, he would have won the election — and with Republicans astonishingly losing ground in the Senate when they hoped to instead overtake the left-wing majority.

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